Micro Machines World Series releases today, gets launch trailer

Codemasters and Deep Silver have announced the release of Micro Machines World Series. To celebrate the launch and showcase the fun and carnage you’ll be experiencing in Micro Machines World Series, a new gameplay trailer has been unleashed, and can be viewed below.

According to its description, the iconic series makes a triumphant return with a mixture of fan-favorite and all-new content that will delight players of all ages. Classic game modes Race and Elimination are complimented by an all-new Battle mode, which ramps up the carnage to the highest end of the miniature scale.

Supporting up to 12 players for online multiplayer and one to four players locally, Micro Machines World Series gives you 12 amazing customizable vehicles to race and battle across 25 classic locations including the kitchen table, garden, workshop and game room.

Micro Machines World Series promises to let you equip a unique loadout and collect a range of crazy NERF power ups and collectibles such as blasters, mines, hammers and bombs to get the best of your opponents. The game aims to combine gaming nostalgia with incredible visuals and endless party replayability.


Micro Machines World Series - OUT NOW! [US]