Michael Pachter vs NeoGAF – Let The Battle Begin

Michael Pachter
Let’s be honest here; we love NeoGAF. Not only some of our stories (and stories you witness in other websites that are not willing give away their supposedly trusty source) are coming from this incredible forum, but you can also find some amazing and truly ground-breaking opinions/discussions about various things (related to games). And if you are a regular in NeoGAF, you’ll pretty much know that Pachter is not welcomed in there. In a surprising turn of events, though, Pachter decided to challenge NeoGAF and ‘prove’ how GAFfers are (mostly) smart and are (mostly) assholes.
But let’s take things from the beginning. Earlier today, a comment from Pachter arose, in which the analyst predicted that PS4 would be able to run games with 240fps and that developers would be able to put a lot more characters on the screen, allowing them to create hyperrealistic games.
Before continuing, let us tell you that this a bunch of crap (about the fps thing). Pachter tried to clarify things in a new comment, suggesting that he has no idea how many frames per second the human eye can process:
“I am pretty sure it’s more than 60 fps, since we can all see the difference between 30 and 60, but I have no clue if we can see more than 120 fps, or if we can even see that. I was merely explaining to Cliff Edwards that four times the processing power would make the machine capable of rendering at that speed. I have no idea what the games will look like, which features they will incorporate, but my guess is that the specs will be sufficiently powerful that developers won’t be particularly constrained from getting the look and feel that they desire.”
And that’s precisely where Pachter is wrong. Pachter assumes that due to the more powerful hardware, games will run with a higher framerate. This might happen, but only if next-generation games retain the same image quality with today’s titles. Yes, there is a possibility for 120fps on next-gen consoles, provided those games remain at the same visual level with current-gen games. Let’s also not forget that current-gen console games run at sub-HD resolutions, meaning that you won’t hit that ‘four times better’ algorithm if you run them at a 1080p resolution.
Let’s also not forget that a lot of fans won’t even bother with PS4 and X720 if the graphical jump is not worthy. After all, a lot of PS2 games ran at sub-30fps. PS3 was way more powerful than PS2. Did we get 120fps in our games and 4D? Pleaaaaase.
As most would expect, NeoGAF attacked Pachter for that comment, claiming that he does not know anything at all and that he simply makes ‘trolling’ predictions in order to get everyone’s attention.
As a result of that, Pachter and GTTV will be taping a show dedicated to NeoGAF. Pachter went one step further and claimed that he’s ‘amazed at the asshole factor on this website‘ and that ‘the asshole/civil ratio must be 2:1 or more‘.
NeoGAF members were quick to react, claiming that GTTV would avoid inviting NeoGAF’ers to defend themselves and provide arguments to them. Some even claimed that Geoff Keighley is also behind this whole thing (as head of GTTV), as the dorito-thing came from this particular forum (and exploded to all other media).
It will be interesting to see whether NeoGAF will be interviewed and whether it will have the ability to defend itself. GTTV stated that they’re accepting NeoGAF members located in California or NYC for interviews. Oh, and let’s remember Pachter’s prediction about VGA2012’s Best Video-Game award, in which the analyst claimed that The Walking Dead was definitely not going to win as it was a digital-only title. Riiiiiiiiiiight.