Miami Street is a new free racing game from Microsoft Studios and Electric Square

Microsoft and Electric Square are currently offering a free racing game on Windows Store, called Miami Street. In Miami Street, players invited to the street racing scene to win the car collection of their dreams as they enter an event, pick their lineup of cars, and choose who to challenge as they race their way to victory.

Players will control strikingly realistic car physics – or at least that’s what its description reads – through easy pick-up-and-play controls, where timing your gas, brake, and boost are the keys to victory. Basically, it’s a mouse click game and not a proper racing game. The game features quick, point to point races through a beautiful cityscape, and was built – according always to its official description – from the ground up to look and play great on any Windows 10 device.

Players will be able to upgrade their cars and maximize the power of their lineup to take on more challenging and more lucrative events. Moreover, new content will be added to the game in the future, meaning that Miami Street will feature new events, new narrative, and new prizes to earn on a regular basis.

Those interested can download Miami Street from its Windows Store page!