Metro-Last-Light feature

Metro: Last Light Redux is free to own on Epic Games Store

Epic Games is currently giving away for free the second part of the Metro series, Metro: Last Light Redux. For the next 24 hours, PC gamers can visit its EGS page and acquire their free copy.

The Redux version of Metro Last Light includes all previously released DLC, adding 10 hours of bonus single-player content to the huge solo campaign. Fans of the original game will also notice new features and gameplay improvements. For instance, there are new melee animations and new full-body player animations. Furthermore, the game offers the ability to check your watch and ammo supplies on the fly.

It’s also worth noting that the game allows you to approach the campaign as a slow burn Survival Horror, or tackle it with the combat skills of a Spartan Ranger in these two unique modes. And yes, the Redux version features the Ranger Difficulty Mode.

You can acquire your free copy from here.

Have fun!

Metro Redux - Launch Trailer [US]