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Metro 2033/Last Light Original Versus Redux – First Comparison Screenshots & Video

Metro Redux’s embargo has just been lifted and people have already started sharing comparison screenshots and videos between the original versions of Metro 2033/Metro: Last Light and Metro 2033 Redux/Metro: Last Light Redux.

According to early reports, a number of effects are missing from the Redux version of Metro 2033. A number of smoke clouds illuminated by lights have been replaced by billboard imposters, volumetric lights have been reduced, and the lighting system changes that 4A Games made feel ‘weird’.

At times the new global illumination system looks cool in Metro 2033 (especially when accompanied with the higher resolution textures as we can see in the final comparison) but in other instances the removal of Metro 2033’s volumetric lighting results in a far worse IQ (mark 1:32 at the video that shows the downgraded lighting effects between Metro 2033 and Metro Redux. Also note in the first Webm comparison the lack of reflections on the barrel).

Truth be told, 4A Games used higher resolution textures on Metro 2033, something that a lot of players will appreciate. Still, the development team has toned down the tessellation effects in Metro: Last Light Redux, something that makes the game look worse (at least in our opinion).

Enjoy below the comparisons (courtesy of PCGamesHardware) between these games (on the left we have the vanilla version and on the right the Redux versions).

Here are also some Webm comparisons courtesy of NeoGAF:

Metro 2033 Original versus Metro 2033 Redux
Metro 2033 Original versus Metro 2033 Redux

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Metro Redux - Video Confronto

Metro Last Light Redux PC Graphics Comparison 1080p