Meridian: Squad 22 is now available

Headup Games and Merge Games announced the release of Elder Games’ real-time strategy game Meridian: Squad 22 for PC, priced at $14.99, € 14.99 and £10.99. In order to celebrate this announcement, Headup Games released a new set of screenshots that can be viewed below.

Meridian: Squad 22 is a single-player, science-fiction, real-time strategy game with a focus on base building and advanced tactics. According to the press release, every single choice, every tactical decision you make, shapes the outcome of your story.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Control the fate of Squad 22 and the colonists in the 10+ hour story-driven campaign mode.
  • Vanquish your foes on planet Meridian in over 100 procedurally generated missions in all-new planetary conquest mode.
  • Polished, dynamic and fluid unit control.
  • Over one hour of immersive music.
  • Fantastic sound effects brought to you by an award-winning sound design team.