MechWarrior: Living Legends – Version 0.5.6 Released, Fan Trailer Revealed

Remember that MechWarrior mod for Crysis: Wars? What was that? You don’t? Shame on you. MechWarrior: Living Legends is a free, multiplayer mod for Crysis: Wars that offered us some truly amazing moments and was enough to quench our thirst for a MechWarrior game back in 2009 and 2010. The team behind it has been hard at work tweaking and improving it and has recently released its 0.5.6 version. This new version comes with some Balance Changes and Bug Fixes and you can view its changelog below. In addition, we’ve included a fan trailer from YouTube’s member, CVarden. Enjoy!
MechWarrior: Living Legends Update 0.5.6 Changelog:
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed AC10, UAC10, CUAC10 round falloff rate to match stated range.
– Fixed pricing on Mgun and _rot weapons
– Possible fix for missing turret rotation sounds in release beta
New Features:
– Complete revised TC_Mirage map
– Clan Epona 50 ton Hovercraft
Balance Changes:
– Increased Hephaestus base chassis pricing
– Added auto_fire attribute to CLBX2 and CLBX5
– Sulla “Prime” – changed BHP to BAP
– Sulla “A” – changed BHP to BAP
– Sulla “B” – removed BAP
– Sulla “C” – removed 2x MG, removed extra 0.5 ton armour
– Sulla “D” – removed 1 ton armour
– Sulla “E” – changed variant to ATM6, ATM9, 2x CLBX2
– Shiva “Prime” – 2x UAC5, 2x Gauss, BAP
– Shiva “A” 2x HeavyGauss, 2x ERLBL, BAP, 2 DHS
– Shiva “B” 2x LRM20, 2x ELRM15, NARC, BAP, 8 DHS
– Shiva “C” 4x Firebomb, GECM, BHP
– Shiva “D” 4x RAC5, 2x RAC2, GECM
– Shiva “E” 2x LBX20, 2x LBX10, reduced armour
Known Issues:
– laser impact sounds to do not play for all impacts
MechWarrior: Living Legends Fan Trailer