Maximum Football feature

Maximum Football is the first sports game in Unreal Engine 5, gets first gameplay trailer

Modus Games today revealed a first look at the first sports game that will be using Unreal Engine 5, Maximum Football. Maximum Football will be coming to Steam Early Access this Spring, and will be free to play.

Maximum Football allows players to take control of their football destiny. Players will have the choice to take on the league with professional or college rule sets. Additionally, players will take charge of their team with Maximum Football’s customization. From the roster to logos, jerseys and helmets and even individual pieces of equipment, players can craft their team exactly how they’d like, and then share it with the community.

Furthermore, Maximum Football’s Dynasty Mode will be back. This mode will allow players to step in as head coach of their team and build their ideal football program.

Naturally, Maximum Football will feature head-to-head online multiplayer matches. Moreover, the game will also feature local competitive and co-op play.


Maximum Football - Announcement Trailer