Massive Entertainment’s Snowdrop Engine May Be Used In Other Ubisoft Games

Despite the fact that The Division’s visuals have been downgraded, the engine powering Massive Entertainment’s title is phenomenal. Truth be told, some of its features have been toned down, however the Snowdrop seems like a solid engine. And Ubisoft has revealed that other titles may borrow Massive’s engine in the near future.

As Martin Hultberg, head of IP at Ubisoft Massive, told Finder:

“It’s just more efficient that way. In our case we developed the Snowdrop Engine from the ground-up because we needed middleware that could run on the new consoles and PC, while doing everything we wanted to do with the open world, the weather, time of day and such features. Now we’ve made that engine available to other studios, and not just the Clancy teams. Any Ubisoft team can use Snowdrop now.”

This sounds great, especially since Snowdrop scales well on both multi-core CPUs and multiple GPUs. A new Assassin’s Creed game powered by the Snowdrop engine, with the same quality of the Global Illumination lighting system that was used in Unity (and not the one in Syndicate as it was clearly scaled back)? And with a better LOD system thanks to Snowdrop? Now that would be awesome.