Mass Effect 3 PC Pre-Load Started; Graphical Options same with the Demo Version

It’s almost here. The third part of Mass Effect 3 will be released in a few days and PC gamers can go ahead and pre-load it via Origin. The game is around 10GB in size and word has it that PC gamers will be able to unlock it earlier via VPN. That method worked fine with Syndicate, so we bet that it will also do the trick with BioWare’s title.
What worries us though is the graphical options. Unfortunately, the final build comes with the same configuration tool that was present in the demo. It even has the same version number, which means that PC gamers won’t get extended/advanced graphical options. Bummer.
BioWare has also promised higher resolution textures in the final build, so it will be interesting to see whether those textures are included in the 10GB release or not.
Mass Effect 3 is currently planned for a March 9th release in Europe and a March 6th release in North America. We expect a server outage on Monday though, as a lot of PC gamers will try to unlock the game earlier.
You can find below a comparison between the configuration tool of the demo and its final version.