Mass Effect 3 – Firefight Pack DLC Is Now Available

BioWare and Electronic Arts have informed us – via a press release – that the Firefight Pack is now available for all versions of Mass Effect 3. After a thorough sweep of the galaxy, new pipelines within Alliance channels have opened up access to additional firepower to support your efforts.
Firefight adds seven weapons for use in the single-player campaign: the Indra and Krysae sniper rifles, Reegar Carbine, Harrier battle rifle, Geth SMG, plus an all-new Blood Pack Punisher SMG and Adas Anti-Synthetic rifle!
In addition to gaining access to some of the cool new multiplayer weapons for your single-player campaign, you’ll also get two amazing new guns never before seen anywhere else, plus one ultra-rare weapon only available previously as a limited promotional item.
Available now on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and will cost you $2.00 or 160 MS points.