Doom 3 Hellknight

Mars City Security mod brings co-op PvE and PvP to Doom 3, new gameplay footage released

Scared Pixel Studios has shared a new video from the latest 2018 build of its Mars City Security mod for Doom 3. Mars City Security is described as a Doom3 modification that puts heavy emphasis on cooperative and adversarial multiplayer, merging the fast and addictive gameplay of the predecessors (Doom1 & Doom2) with the enhanced Doom3 technology (optimized netcode for Online Internet & LAN networked multiplayer with improved idtech4 unified rendering).

The mod features two PvE and a PvP mode. The “Campaign” PVE (Coop) gametype lets players play through default & custom created campaign missions with other players cooperatively. Experience community made custom maps with your friends that tell stories never before experienced in the Doom 3 universe. On the other hand, the “DemonWars” PVE (Coop) gametype throws players right into the epic battle that broke out throughout the entire solar system after hell has been unleashed. Fight as a human with other players cooperatively against the hordes of hell trying to make a last stand for mankind.

As for the PVP (Deathmatch) mode, it lets players fight it out adversarially on a variety of arenas for the ultimate player versus player domination in “team” and “free for all” PVP multiplayer.

It looks pretty cool so make sure to watch the video!

MCS ( Online Coop + AI Gameplay @ Deltalabs3