Mark Of The Ninja Is Coming To The PC; Won’t Support Games For Windows LIVE

Klei Entertainment has announced that its unique indie title, Mark Of The Ninja, will be coming to the PC this October – October 16th to be more precise – and will be priced at $14.99.
According to the developers, this won’t be a shoddy port and the game, even though it was published by Microsoft on X360, won’t support GFWL. Good news then for all those who hated this service.
The game will be also fully playable with keyboard + mouse. In fact, Klei Entertainment is doing everything it can to make Mark Of The Ninja feel like a PC game with PC controls. Don’t expect though to find FOV sliders and such graphical options.
According to its press release, Mark of the Ninja consists of stealth oriented 2D platforming. The character is required to sneak through a series of environments while staying out of sight of guards and performing silent takedowns.
Enjoy and special thanks to our reader ‘Christian Herrmann’ for informing us about it!
Mark of the Ninja - Launch Trailer