Maneater is a new single-player open-sea RPG in which you play as a Bull Shark

Tripwire Interactive has announced a new single-player action RPG, set in the unforgiving waters of the Gulf Coast, in which you play as a Bull Shark. In Maneater, players will fight to survive in the open ocean, with danger lurking at every depth, and their only tools will be their wits, their jaws, and an uncanny ability to evolve as they feed.

As said, players will assume the role of a giant Bull Shark and terrorize the coastal waterways. Players will be able to tear swimmers and divers limb from limb, and give the humans a reason to fear them.

The game will feature a living, breathing world full of threats, and rewards and players will be able to explore sunken wrecks, lurk in swamps, or just cruise the open ocean looking for whales to feed on.

In order to celebrate this announcement, Tripwire has also released a trailer for Maneater that you can watch below!

Maneater reveal trailer - PC Gaming Show 2018