Mafia Remastered adds new HD textures, improves water & 3D models, enables widescreen & more

Modder ‘spartaque12’ has released a brand new community modpack for the first classic Mafia game. Mafia Remastered is basically a collection of mods aiming to improve Mafia’s graphics, and all of the mods were carefully selected to maintain the game’s atmosphere.

Going into more details, Mafia Remastered features a widescreen fix (for those gaming at widescreen monitors), a camera fix (via which players can change the distance between camera and auto), enables mip-maps for almost all textures in game and brings new HD interface and fonts.

Furthermore, this community modpack features real car brands, new HD textures, shader water improvements, new HQ weapons models, new high-quality 3D models, better traffic draw distance and road signs near the entrance to the city.

Those interested can download the Mafia Remastered mod from here. Below you can also find a video showcasing all of its features.


Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven Remastered (download link in description)