Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is a new first-person survival horror game, coming to the PC in 2019

Iceberg Interactive and developer Lazarus Studio have announced Lunacy: Saint Rhodes, a first-person survival horror game in which you’re never truly safe – as the game watches your every move and adapts to your playing style. Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is slated for release for PC in 2019.

In Lunacy: Saint Rhodes, players seek the truth behind their family’s ghastly murder. Players will investigate the history of their ancestral home in the town of Saint Rhodes, while fighting to survive what haunts it. The Author, an advanced AI, observes how you play and changes the course of the game based on your actions.

In order to celebrate this announcement, Iceberg has released the game’s announcement trailer that you can find below. The all-new trailer gives a glimpse inside the eerie house that used to be your family home and the secrets that hide in the haunted town.


Lunacy: Saint Rhodes - Announcement Trailer