Lucius II: The Prophecy Announced & Scheduled For Early 2015 Release

Shiver Games announced today Lucius II: The Prophecy, a sequel to the gory adventure game Lucius, scheduled for release in early 2015 on Steam. In addition, the company has just revealed the game’s announcement trailer that can be viewed below.

Shiver Games has been developing Lucius II: The Prophecy for almost two years, ever since the release of Lucius. The gameplay and feel of Lucius II has been improved by adding features many felt were missing, while still respecting the humorous and shocking integrity of the original game.

Johannes Aikio of Shiver Games said:

“The main goal has been to add more freedom and to deliver a sandbox-type setting for the murderous kid – Be ready to use your creativity for inflicting pain and suffering, because this time the restrictions are gone and the sins have multiplied!”

The story of Lucius II continues where the original left off: Lucius emerges as the lone survivor of the burning wreckage his parents once called home, unscathed from the ruthless slaughter he had unleashed.

Here are the game’s key features:

·Lucius II has a unique twist where you play the bad guy and wreak havoc as the son of the devil.
3D Splatter adventure sandbox that continues the story of the original game.
· Over 100 potential victims.
· Lucius can now explore a vast five storey hospital and the small town of Ludlow.
· Homage to the classic horror movies. You can find references to different titles all over the game.
· Create your truly own unique traps by using a complex combination system and various tools.
· Each level is its own sandbox where you can decide when, how and who to kill.
· Create your own unique Lucius by choosing your favorite supernatural abilities.


Lucius II Announcement Trailer