Lionhead Studios Hiring For Next-Gen Platforms; next game will be powered by Unreal Engine 4

All hell has broken loose today, as two triple-A companies began hiring people for their next-generation projects. To be more precise, both Bethesda and Lionhead Studios are hiring, but we’ll concentrate on Peter Molyneux’s company as there are some interesting technical hints about their next game. So, according to a job list, Lionhead Studios is seeking a highly skilled and experienced Lead Engine Programmer to be a key contributor on an unannounced title.
This individual needs to have significant experience leading teams designing and implementing modern rendering engines (DX11). So, we know for a fact that Lionhead’s next game will be a DX11 title.
Later on that list, Lionhead reveals that knowledge of Unreal Engine is a desired experience for this job, whereas knowledge of Direct3D 11 (compute shaders, tessellation etc.) is a needed technical skill. OpenGL 4.x experience will be also considered. Furthermore, this new game will take advantage of both deferred lighting and global illumination.
Now let’s put those hints together, shall we? We know that Epic Games will reveal their Unreal Engine 4 at this year’s GDC and as you may have expected, more and more developers want to take advantage of it. We also know that the next-generation of consoles is coming, as more and more developers are hiring to expand their teams with that purpose in mind.
So we have DX11, Unreal Engine, and OpenGL 4.X. Putting them together is quite easy, don’t you think? Lionhead Studios is hiring for the next-generation platforms, with their new title possibly being multiplatform (otherwise, they wouldn’t list OpenGL that was used in the PS3 and possibly in PS4). Moreover, it appears that this unannounced title will be powered by Unreal Engine 4 and will be a DX11 title, meaning that next-generation consoles will be based on this API.
What that unannounced game could actually be? A new Fable game powered by Unreal Engine 4 or perhaps a new Black & White title? Or an entirely new game? No matter what, we are really excited about this. And for the love of God, let’s just hope that this unannounced title won’t be a ‘Milo’ game!