Lenna’s Inception, top-down Zelda-inspired action adventure game, is coming to Steam on January 17th

Bytten Studio has announced that its top-down procedurally generated action-adventure game, Lenna’s Inception, will come out on Steam on January 17th. Lenna’s Inception is heavily inspired by the classic Zelda games, and appears to be a must-have for those seeking such a title on the PC.

Players will be able to explore a dangerous island filled with dungeons. Players will also have to defeat the eight archangels to bring order to a glitched-out kingdom.

It’s also worth noting that the game will be playable in 8-bit and 32-bit pixel art styles.

Below you can find a gameplay trailer for this game, as well as its key features.

  • Team up with a friend. Make peace with Shadow Lenna to enjoy the game in local co-op multiplayer!
  • Play again (and again). With two graphical styles, multiple endings, multiple boss forms, and procedural generation, you won’t see everything in a single playthrough!
  • Challenge yourself. Speed through the daily challenge dungeon with no sword, with only three hearts, or without taking a single hit. Show off a GIF of your playthrough on the connected leaderboard afterwards!
  • Recruit companions. Will you choose Henrietta, the free-range chicken with a vendetta, or perhaps Gourdon, the sentient pumpkin? (4 to discover)
Lenna's Inception - Release Date Trailer