Legends of Dawn Is Now Available

Legends of Dawn
Dreamatrix announced today the worldwide release and availability of their highly anticipated fantasy RPG, Legends Of Dawn, on the Steam store. This new RPG is now available for purchase at a special introductory price of USD $19.99, with 20% additional discount exclusively through Steam, ending July 5th 2013.
According to the devs, what differentiates this RPG from similar games on the market is its freedom of play and the game challenges you to discover the rules by doing things instead of offering helpers, not unlike some popular and loved hard core classics of yesteryear.
Legends Of Dawn promises to offer to players a unique and enthralling experience in its absorbing and addictive fantasy world. We should also note that the game is built from scratch using the developers customized in-house “Dreamatrix” game engine.
Legends Of Dawn is said to feature a vast and impressive game world, a comprehensive crafting system, spell generator, system of sacrifices, adaptable creature AI, compelling storyline, future ‘modding’ capability, streaming technology, mini-games, and endless slashing, blasting and looting.