Legacy of Kain: Nosgoth Details Leaked – Multiplayer PC Focused, May Come To Other Platforms

Legacy of Kain
Legacy of Kain fans, this is for you. A couple of months ago, Legacy of Kain: Nosgoth appeared on Steam’s registry. As usual, Steam’s registry rarely lies and today we bring you the first details about this new Legacy of Kain title.
Spotted by NeoGAF member ‘Mama Robotnik’, Legacy of Kain: Nosgoth will be a PC multiplayer focused title. This information comes straight from Monkeythumbz, Community Manager for Square Enix, so it’s as valid as it can get.
According to Monkeythumbz, Nosgoth is neither an MMO nor a DOTA game. The game is described as a competitive online multiplayer experience with a twist. Nosgoth was always meant to be an MP title as that what the development team wanted to create, and story won’t be as prominent.
Square Enix has already a targeted release date for Nosgoth, however Monkeythumbz did not reveal it. Monkeythumbz admitted that Square Enix revealed this title too soon, and that there will be a bit of a silence between now and the moment we get the first screenshots of it.
Nosgoth is being developed for the PC crowd, and only supports mouse & keyboard at its current state. Square Enix wants to bring this title to other platforms too, although nothing is set on stone as of yet.
Nosgoth will be a third-person game and there won’t be any first-person camera. In addition, the game will be violent (so we can expect lots of blood and dismembered characters) and promises to be the best looking Legacy of Kain title to date.
Enjoy, and stay tuned for more!