Latest Nvidia & AMD high-end GPUs can handle pretty well 4K resolution games

Toshiba has demonstrated the first games, running at a 4K ( 3840×2160 ) resolution on its 4K Quad-FHD screen. As you may have expected, the company used a powerful PC with a high-end GPU. The good news for all PC gamers is that both AMD’s 7970 and Nvidia’s GTX680 are capable of running games on such resolutions at 30fps. Naturally, a lot of people will wonder why do you need this pricey TV when you can already downsample your games. Well, Toshiba has to promote its screens (one way or another) and since a lot of gamers are not aware of downsampling, they’re taking advantage of it. And although there are rumors about PS4 supporting 4K resolutions, don’t expect its games to run natively at those. Enjoy the demonstration below!
Toshiba 4K Video-gaming!