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Killing Floor hits 5 million sales, new free content released for Killing Floor 2

Tripwire Interactive has announced that Killing Floor has surpassed over 5 million units sold worldwide. In addition, the team has released a brand new free content update for Killing Floor 2, Killing Floor 2: Infinite Onslaught.

Bill Munk, Product Lead for Killing Floor 2 at Tripwire Interactive, said:

“Continued sales for both the original Killing Floor and Killing Floor 2 post-launch is the kind of thing that can’t happen unless we keep things new and exciting for players. That’s why post-launch content updates and continued support for the Killing Floor community continues to be a top priority for us.”

As the press release reads, Tripwire Interactive continues to support the Killing Floor 2 community with free post-launch updates and promoting community made maps with today’s release of the Infinite Onslaught Content Update. Highlights include:

NEW ENDLESS MODE GAME TYPE                                                                       

  • Challenge the relentless waves of Zeds that become increasingly crushing as more waves are defeated while The Patriarch takes over in the role as The Trader


  • MAC- 10 SMG: Voted back by community popularity, the MAC- 10 SMG makes its triumphant return from the original Killing Floor, featuring incendiary ammo
  • Husk Cannon: Requisitioned from a Husk, it is time to bring more fire to the party
  • AF2011-A1 pistol: Killing two Zeds with one stone was never easier than holding the lovingly designed two-for-one pistol


  • Short for Domestic Assistant Robot, this new and improved fan favorite machine from the original Killing Floor is now freely available for Zed destroying services


  • Powercore: Designed by a community mapper, the subterranean facility is yours to defend
  • DieSector: The Patriach was very original when naming his new testing arena for his latest and greatest creations


  • The Vault has been stocked with additional cosmetics, character skins and weapon skins
Killing Floor 2: Infinite Onslaught Update Trailer