Killing Floor 2 – New Update Will Introduce Cosmetic Microtransactions

Tripwire Interactive revealed today that Killing Floor 2 will receive cosmetic microtransactions (Trading Floor) via its upcoming update. According to the team, all of the content added in Trading Floor at launch will be cosmetic only and not affect gameplay in any way.

Community Manager Jared Creasy wrote on Steam:

“We went with the drop system for the weapon skins due to how they were received in KF 1. While players liked the weapon skins, that didn’t translate towards supporting the free updates they were designed to.

So we decided to trial a drop system where we give away much of it for free with some rare unlocks.”

Now let’s be clear; if those microtransactions did not have an impact on the actual gameplay and were only for cosmetics, they would be fine by us. However, it appears that won’t be the case.

As Tripwire hinted:

“In the future we may be adding weapons with new gameplay for sale, but this will appear in the ‘Shared Content’ area on the server. This means that, if any player on the server has a weapon, then every player on the server will be able to use it.”

Better than nothing, but this is still a paywall.

Thanks Destructoid!