Killer Instinct – Framerate Tied To Refresh Rate, Workaround For 60FPS On 120Hz & 144Hz Monitors

Killer Instinct fans, we’ve got some good and some bad news for you today. The good news is that Killer Instinct is finally available on the PC. The bad news is that the game’s framerate is tied to the refresh rate, meaning that it is ultra fast on monitors that run at 120hz or 144hz.

Currently there are three ways via which you can fix this issue. You can either run your monitor at 60hz, or you can set a custom resolution at 60hz (via NVIDIA’s Control Panel), or you can use NVIDIA’s Inspector Tool in order to limit your framerate at 60fps.

The development team is currently looking into this issue, however we find it hilarious that such a thing was not resolved prior to the game’s launch.

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