Kickstarter started for tactical FPS game ‘Ground Branch’ from ex-Red Storm Entertainment member

Back in May, we informed you about Ground Branch, an upcoming tactical first person shooter that is developed by BlackFoot Studios, whose goal is to fill a void in the style of games many would call ‘Classic’ tactical squad based gaming. Ground Branch will be powered by Unreal Engine 3 and the company has started its Kickstarter campaign.
Ground Branch will be an old-school tactical FPS game, meaning that players will have access to all of the weapons and gear, right off the bat. No DLC / Content restrictions, ever. Player skill will be determined by commitment to mastering the weapons, just as much as with their ability to assess, plan and execute strategies with their teams.
Weapons and ballistics (including feet per second, bullet drop and simulated wind) are accurately represented. Certain rounds are capable of penetrating various materials, and fragmentation grenades actually produce physical shrapnel, rather than relying upon a generic “kill radius” circular deadzone that most titles use.
Ground Branch will feature gear and weapon customization, no server-side ‘Class’ restrictions, non-linear game design, realistic health system, a wounding system (where wounds modify in-game abilities by various degrees), server tools, and modding support.
Those interested can back this project up by visiting its Kickstarter page.
BlackFoot Studios Kickstarter