Kickstarter launched for Solar Warden; space combat game from Star Citizen’s ex-lead technical designer

Polar Zenith has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming six-degrees-of-freedom space combat game, Solar Warden. Solar Warden is being created by the former lead technical designer of Star Citizen and promises to feature an overarching campaign with real-time strategy elements.

In Solar Warden, players will jump into their fighter and combat the Silicoid menace up close, while they command and dispatch the Solar Warden fleet for reinforcements as they see fit. Players will gain the favour of nations they support, granting them funding, research, and military assets to further them in their goal. Experimental ships, weapon systems and upgrade tech will also be at their disposal.

Solar Warden uses a Six-Degrees-Of-Freedom flight system, married to Newtonian flight physics to be overcome and exploited in action-packed dogfights. Your ship’s thrusters can be set to several modes that are suitable to either pursuit, dog fighting and even navigating the tight corners inside massive asteroids, navigating the mazes within and blasting it clear of hostiles.

Each ship’s weapon hardpoints can be fully customized to use a wide array of weaponry like heavy lasers, heat seeking missiles, rail-guns, and many more. As you research new tech, you’ll be able to further upgrade your ship with improved countermeasures, shield generators and improved power plants to give you more maneuverability and firepower.

Polar Zenith aims to raise $40K in total and the campaign ends in 29 days (so far it has raised $11K).