Kickstarter launched for old school isometric turn-based RPG, Encased

Dark Crystal Games has launched its Kickstarter for Encased, a post-apocalyptic old school isometric turn-based RPG. According to the developers, the purpose of crowdfunding this project is to expand the game world and give the developers more room to introduce new and unique game mechanics.

Encased is currently in the pre-alpha stage, and the developers are already confident of the project’s completion. The goal of the crowdfunding campaign is to raise $100,000. Any revenue collected will be used to refine the game and expand the team. Pledges from fans will expand the main campaign and increase the number of locations available to explore.

A regular play-thru of the main story is estimated at 30 hours. The player will be able to explore more than 100 handcrafted locations and encounter up to 75 unique random events. Each of the six main factions has its own storyline and various endings.

Vyacheslav Kozikhin, Studio Head, said:

“Dark Crystal Games is a small studio and our resources are limited. However with the first stages of development behind us, we are positive we will be able to complete the project, polish the details, and deliver the post-apocalyptic RPG everyone is waiting for.”