Just Cause 2 – Multiplayer Mod gets a new update, incoming public version

We can’t be the only ones wondering how a multiplayer mode would look like in Just Cause 2, right? Well, good news – if you had that question in the back of your head too – as the team behind Just Cause 2’s Multiplayer mod has released some new information about it, as well as a video from its latest build. As the team revealed, over the coming months, their aim is to polish the current build to a state that can be released to the public.
A couple of months ago, there was a rumor that the mod was shut down by Avalanche themselves. However, that rumor was inaccurate. According to the team, the mod’s source at the time was extremely unstable and volatile. As a result of that, they decided to rework it and they have now a build without all previous obstacles.
Long story short: the mod is still under development and its first version will be released in the coming months.
Enjoy the following video and stay tuned for more!
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