Jurassic World Evolution feature

Jurassic World Evolution will not support mods due to licensing and quality reasons

Jurassic World Evolution releases next week and according to its developers, it will not support mods. Although Frontier Developments’ previous game, Planet Coaster, did support mods, this new Jurassic World game will not due to licensing and quality reasons.

As Frontier told Gamestar, Universal Studios has the rights of the game and they must follow its guidance. Moreover, it would have been very difficult for individual mods to achieve the level of detail and visual quality that both Frontier and Universal Studios wanted.

Although the game will not support mods, Frontier has gained access to a large number of assets to create a world that stays true to the look and feel of the movies, and it is focused on giving players the best possible Jurassic World Evolution experience.

Jurassic World Evolution releases on June 12th and will be also using the Denuvo anti-tamper tech.