John Carmack crashes PC gamers’ hopes for a High-Resolution Texture Pack on RAGE

You’ve probably already heard of a high resolution texture pack for RAGE was rumored to get released after its official launch. This rumored texture pack was supposed to be 150GB in size and would update the game’s low-res textures with some proper, high-res ones. Well, this is not gonna happen as John Carmack admited that the source textures are almost the same as the ones that are currently used in RAGE PC.
As Carmack tweeted when he was asked whether iD Software would release a high-resolution texture pack for RAGE:
“Our first test of a higher res page file didn’t help much, because most source textures didn’t actually have any more detail.”
So PC gamers, this means that you won’t get this rumored 150GB and if you actually do get it, you won’t notice any major differences. RAGE’s textures are that low-res and there aren’t any higher resolution versions of them. In other words, we got ‘pwned’