Jagged Alliance – Back in Action is available for pre-order on Steam; comes with a 15% discount

Great news for Jagged Alliance fans as Jagged Alliance – Back in Action is now available for pre-order on Steam and comes with a 15% discount and Steam’s Exclusive DLC. This basically means that it will only cost you 23.79 euros and you’ll get a SCAR-L CQB Urban, a kevlar helmet and a Military dress-shirt.
Jagged Alliance Back in Action is a contemporary remake of the latest title in the much-loved Jagged Alliance series of turn-based mercenary-themed strategy games. Designed from the ground up to offer a modern gaming experience, Back in Action showcases an updated isometric 3D look and interface, highly detailed character models and a variety of new gameplay features.
Back in Action takes players to the fictitious country of Arulco, where a ruthless dictator has seized power and only a small group of rebels stand to resist him. Tasked with freeing the island from the dictator’s iron grip, players will command rebel and mercenary forces while using tactical, diplomatic and economic tools to keep troops supplied and ready for the next flight, all while commanding them directly in nail-biting battles.
Jagged Alliance – Back in Action is currently slated for a February 9th release!