CES 2012: Intel caught cheating while demonstrating F1 2011 in DX11 on Ivy Bridge based Ultrabook

That’s hilarious. Intel attempted to demonstrate the DirectX 11 capabilities of their Ivy Bridge based Ultrabook and guess what; although the commentator was doing his best to simulate his driving skills and claimed that F1 2011 was running in DX11 mode, the main monitor betrayed him when he tried to press the play button on the video player program that was running at the background. This is just sad and shows that Intel’s Ivy Bridge based Ultrabook is not as good for gaming as you’d hoped to. Mooly Eden tried to make a comeback and said that the game was played by someone at backstage, when that wasn’t the case. This is a ‘double fail’ for Intel. Enjoy the following video from Intel’s show. Special thanks to YouTube member ‘networkworld’ for uploading it!
CES 2012: Intel demos DX11 on Ivy Bridge based Ultrabook