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It Takes Two’s director will give $1000 to everyone who gets tired of the game

It Takes Two is the upcoming action-adventure by Hazelight Studios. The game does not feature single-player, and can be only played cooperatively. It’s being directed by Josef Fares, who you might know from previous games such as A Way Out, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

In a recent interview with GameInformer, Fares said that video games are not always about fun. “Some parts of gaming are fun, but I would say that more, depending on the scene, it should be engaging”.

According to Fares, every situation in a narrative game has to reflect of what is happening in the game. “So, if the character needs something, it should reflect the gameplay as well. I think in narrative games especially, repetitiveness is super dangerous.”

Lastly, Fares said that he would give 1000$ to everyone who gets tired of the game. However, they will have to be honest about it. This makes Fares sound extremely optimistic regarding the quality of the game. Hopefully, the game will meet the expectations of the players, and Fares won’t go bankrupt.

It Takes Two will be released on March 26th, and it will be available for purchase on Steam and Origin.

You can read the full interview here.

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