inXile Entertainment – Early Access had a Huge Positive Impact on Wasteland 2

We all know the dangers of Early Access. While players can get a taste of what a team is currently working on via this way, a lot of projects were never finished and a lot of gamers who backed such unfinished games felt cheated, betrayed, that they were being taken advantage of, and that developers were lying to them in order to get their money. However, there are occasions when an Early Access program works just the way it’s meant to.

Last week, inXile Entertainment revealed that the development of Wasteland 2 is nearing its end and that the final product is twice the size of the original kickstarted project. Not only that, but inXile claimed that this final version would not be possible without the aid of the game’s Early Access program.

There was discussion when we put the game up on Early Access whether it was a good idea or not. I can promise that the game we are close to releasing would not have been the same without it.” said Thomas ‘Brother None’ Beekers and continued:

“While Wasteland 2 would have been released months ago without Early Access, it would not have the polish, detail, and scope that we are bringing to you in very near future. The past few years have been one large learning and refining process for all of us, and in hindsight, we can measurably say this had a huge positive impact on the game. Nothing beats the feedback from tons of you playing the game and the resources and time to act on that feedback.”

inXile Entertainment aims to release Wasteland 2 at the end of August.


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