Intel initiates “Odyssey” events for its discrete graphics card, focused on improving graphics and visual computing

We all know that Intel is currently working on its first discrete graphics card that is planned to be released by the end of 2020. And yesterday, the blue team announced Odyssey; a series of events built around a passionate community, focused on improving graphics and visual computing for everyone, from gamers to content creators.

There will be multiple Odyssey events on different locations and those interested can already sign up in order to participate. Participants will hear the latest reports first and they will have access to some amazing offers and exclusive giveaways. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to receive the Intel Gaming Access newsletter which gives gamers a VIP pass to killer deals and freebies, preferred beta access, the latest gaming news, and more.

Intel will be sharing news and information about its graphics and visual computing efforts from now through 2020 and beyond. The team claims that it will be listening to feedback, and hopefully finding technical enthusiasts who might want to help it with beta testing and things like that.

Intel has also released a video dedicated to its Odyssey events that you can find below. Those interested can sign up in order to participate in an event near their city by visiting its official page.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!