Intel Core i7 8700K Benchmark Results Leaked

AMD has smashed their way back into the CPU market with the release of Ryzen and now we all sit waiting patiently for the response Intel will be giving in the form of Coffee Lake.

Coffee Lake will be the new family of processors that Intel will be releasing to compete with the absolute take over of Ryzen CPU’s in the CPU market. To lead this response for Intel is the Core i7 8700K, six core, twelve thread beast that is expected to be released sometime early next month – October 5th according to rumors.

Luckily for us Canadian tech journalist Karl Morin attended DreamHack 2017 in Montreal and happened to come across a i7 8700K and proceeded to benchmark the machine, recording numbers down juicy numbers.

Looking at the Cinebench R15 we can see the 8700K has scored a total of 196 points in the single threaded test. What we can compare this score to is the i7 7700K which would achieve around 192 points meaning this score for the 8700K would make it the highest single-threaded score for a CPU at stock settings.

In the multi-threaded testing the 8700K has scored a massive 1230 points which is quite impressive when compared to the 7700K which scores around 950. Looking at AMD now and comparing the 8700K to the 8-Core 1800X flagship in multi-threaded testing the 8700K doesn’t quite cut it with the 1800X taking first place with a massive score of 1600 points.

To conclude, in CPU-Z Intels i7-8700K sits between that of a Ryzen 7 1800X and Ryzen 5 1600X in multi-threaded testing. In single threaded testing the i7-8700K matches both 1800X and the i7-7700K.

Source: WCCFtech , Videocardz