Infinity: Battlescape Is A Truly Next-Gen Title, New Video Shows First Experimental Mod

YouTube’s ‘Planet Explorer’ has released a new video for Infinity: Battlescape, showing one of the first mods for Infinity: Battlescape. This mod changes the the blaster sound (to something similar to the one found in Star Wars), adds camera perspective, and changes the atmosphere of some planets. And to be honest, Infinity: Battlescape feels like a truly next-gen experience.

I mean, the feeling of actually entering the atmosphere of a detailed planet (okay, there are no cities and huge forests but still) at will and in real-time is extraordinary. Just head over at the 1:45 mark.

Infinity: Battlescape’s Kickstarter ends in 6 days and it has not met yet its initial goal.

Enjoy the video!

Fan Mod! of Infinity: Battlescape Prototype