IndieGoGo Campaign Launched For Interference; a technoir stealth puzzle-platformer


Andrew Silverman has informed us about a new IndieGoGo campaign for a new title. French artist Anthony Beyer has just launched the Indiegogo campaign for his technoir stealth-based platformer, Interference. Interference is a stealth puzzle-platformer set in the tech-noir city of Arachnopolis, a place where citizens’ rights have been replaced by totalitarianism, oppression, and a robotic police force.

The key features of Interference’s gameplay are:

-Manipulation – Adapt and shift the architecture of Arachnopolis to your advantage as you solve puzzles and outwit your foes.
-Stealth – Killing is never an option. The only thing that can guarantee your success, let alone your survival, is your ability to outsmart those who would do you harm.
-Exploration – Dive into an intricately designed, open world, cyberpunk metropolis and meet the shadowy inhabitants ready to help, hire, or kill you in the four districts of Arachnopolis.
-Discovery – As you search the neon city for a way out of the conflict that’s destroyed your life, uncover the truth behind the city, its shady inhabitants, and the Interferers themselves.

According to its IndieGoGo page, Interference is inspired by Blade Runner, Dark City, Brazil, and Akira, the novel Flashback by Dan Simmons, as well as other games like Shenmue, Metal Gear Solid, Flashback, and Deus Ex.

Andrew Silverman aims to raise €25K in the next 32 days, and there is also a demo to try.

Interference is currently planned for a September 2014 release.


Interference - Trailer