Indie third-person action/stealth ‘Blink’ gets some new footage

Do you remember Blink? No? Shame on you. Blink is a third-person action/stealth game that is being made by a team of students. According to Mihir, one of the team’s members, who has informed us about the completion of Blink’s development, the game was ‘roughly a 1 year long student project in which we wanted to see if we could produce close to AAA quality material with a budget of $0‘. So yeah, Blink has finally been completed and you can view below a new trailer for it, as well as a gameplay video.
Our biggest concern with Blink, back in December 2011, was its animation system. Thankfully, USCGames has polished it and everything looks – and moves – better this time around. Blink was created with the Unreal Development Kit from a team that includes students from Los Angeles-based art schools such as Gnomon School of Visual Effects, and Laguna College of Art and Design.
As the team describes, Blink is a fast paced action-stealth game about teleporting and kicking ass. Explore the world as Iris – a professional saboteur that is subjected to extreme experiments, which give her the ability to teleport. As the experiment goes terribly wrong, and the facility is consumed in chaos and destruction, Iris must escape and take revenge on her captor.
Enjoy everyone!
Blink - Final Trailer (Better sound!)