I Am Alive is not coming to the PC

Bad news for all those PC gamers that were looking forward to Ubisoft’s post-apocalyptic action/adventure game, I Am Alive. I Am Alive was engineered to create a convincing, post-disaster world in which players are faced with thought-provoking choices and we were quite shocked that the official announcement that was released yesterday didn’t mention the PC platform at all. In short words, the game is not coming to our beloved platform.
After contacting Ubisoft, we found out that I Am Alive is indeed not coming to the PC. Pretty great huh?
As Ubisoft stated:
“There will be no PC SKU for I Am Alive.”
I Am Alive was originally Darkworks’ vision, who are currently developing a PC exclusive FPS game that seems to be inspired by it. Was that the reason that Ubisoft decided to┬ácancel the PC version? Figures.