Hwoarang & Jin Kazama May Duke It Out On The PC – Tekken May Hit Steam


PC fighting fans will certainly get excited with this news, as Katsuhiro Harada – Game Director/Producer of the Tekken series – has tweeted that he’s considering bringing the Tekken series on Steam. Okay okay, so this is not confirmation of Tekken PC but Harada seems to finally see potential on the PC platform. 

As Harada said when a fan asked him for a PC version of Tekken:

“I’m ancient steam user hehhehe, I’ll consider about that.”

In all his previous responses to such requests in the past, Harada was – somehow – cruel towards PC fans. Back in January, for example, Harada claimed that there was no interest from PC gamers about fighting games, and that he had no plans for ever bringing the Tekken series on the PC.

Here is hoping that either TTT2 or Tekken F2P will hit our platforms, though nothing is set on stone just yet.