Hitman 3 new feature

This Hitman 3 Mod allows you to play the game in first-person mode

A couple of days ago, we informed you about a FOV mod for Hitman 3. And today, we have another cool mod for IO Interactive’s latest Hitman game.

As the title suggests, this mod enables a first-person view camera for Hitman 3. Thus, PC gamers can experience the whole game via a different camera perspective.

Now what’s cool about this mod is that it works on every mission in the game, including bonus missions, special assignments, Patient Zero, seasonal missions from Hitman 2. However, the modder has disabled the FPS mode from “the vector” patient zero mission and other sniper missions.

Do note that this FPS mode is not perfect. For instance, crouching will turn the camera, and there are some camera bugs when taking down someone (and taking their disguise). You also can’t see if you are crouching unless you look at your shadow. Moreover, the game will go to a third-person view when climbing through windows, and you can’t see your weapons.

Still, I’m pretty sure that a lot of Hitman players will want to experience Hitman 3 in FPS mode. So, go ahead and download the mod from here.

You can also read ourĀ PC Performance Analysis here. The game is currently available exclusively on Epic Games Store and you can purchase it via our affiliate link. DSOGaming gets a small commission when you purchase the game via this affiliate link.

Have fun!