Hilarious Times Part #9999 – Need For Speed: Rivals Does Not Support Driving Wheels

Need for Speed Rivals

Man, it seems that EA wants to simply ruin the NFS franchise. We first got the 30fps lock and according to EA’s official Q&A page, the game won’t support any driving wheels. Yeap, a driving game that does not support wheels. Yes, we’re talking about an arcade title but last time I checked, all arcade driving games (from Outrun to Sega Rally and Ridge Racer) supported driving wheels.

As Electronic Arts wrote on the game’s Q&A page:

“Need for Speed Rivals will not support any driving-wheels or other peripherals.”

Hooray. Amazing days are ahead of us. I guess the lack of support for driving wheels is justified by the amazing AllDriveAI. I mean, who needs a wheel when we’re talking about this mind-blowing feature that is also the cause of the 30fps lock, right? In fact, I’m still amazed at all those arcade combat aerial games that support joysticks. Blasphemy.

In short, things are not looking good for Need For Speed: Rivals. No wonder PC gamers are mad at you EA. A patch may save the day but that won’t be coming anytime soon because this is EA we’re talking about.

Kudos to our reader ‘Ghost Rider LSOV’ for spotting it.

[irony mode ON] Have fun everyone [irony mode OFF].