Higher framerates increase enemy damage in Vanquish

It appears that the PC version of Vanquish suffers from a ridiculous bug that increases enemy damage┬áthe higher your framerates are. Discovered by NeoGAF’s ‘Wesker‘ who has provided some GIFs in order to showcase this bug.

As Wesker wrote:

“If you lock the framerate to 30FPS AR mode will activate after 6-7 seconds of taking enemy fire but if you’re playing at a much higher framerate, like 144FPS, it will activate in just 1-2 seconds.”


This bug seems similar to Dark Souls 2’s weapons degradation bug that occurred when the game was running with higher framerates.

It appears to be a simple bug, so here is hoping that Little Stone Software – the team responsible for the PC port – will fix it sooner than later.