Hi-Rez Focuses On Various Social Media Platforms, Abandons Its Own Forum

Tribes Ascend v2
Now this is really… weird. Hi-Rez Studios has announced that it will be focusing its resources on Social Media and will be abandoning its own forums. As the company stated, players will continue discussing Hi-Rez games and initiatives via the established community sub-Reddits. Tomorrow, the official forums will be closed and won’t be available.
As Hi-Rez Studios claimed:
“Over the past year, Hi-Rez has noticed an increasing trend in our players and many other online gaming communities. More and more players use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and Reddit to connect and discuss their entertainment of choice. Consequently, fewer players visit official forums long enough to even create an account. In keeping with this observed tendency, Hi-Rez has shifted focus to those social media platforms increasingly over the course of the year.
Within no more than 24 hours from the time of this post, another step will be taken toward focusing communication on social media platforms. The official forums will no longer be available. To continue discussing Hi-Rez games and initiatives within a forum-like setting, the established community sub-Reddits will be utilized.”
This is definitely not looking good for fans of Tribes – and all other games coming from that particular studio. A while back, Hi-Rez stated that there won’t be any major updates for Tribes: Ascend as the team will be focusing now on its other F2P title, SMITE.
This is also the first time a company decides to shut down its own forum in order to focus on other social media platforms. We know that Reddit has a huge fanbase, however we are pretty sure that a lot of players want an official forum instead of some other alternatives.