Hexen receives an amazing AI-enhanced ESRGAN HD Texture Pack, improves around 1000 textures

Last month, we informed you about a HD Texture Pack that was under development for Hexen. And today, I’m happy to report that this AI-enhanced ESRGAN HD texture pack is available for download.

Created by modder ‘gmh4589’, this Texture Pack takes advantage of AI Neural Networks in order to improve the resolution of textures by up to 4 times. The modder has improved around 1000 textures and the end results are amazing.

In order to install this texture pack, you will need gzDOOM, zDOOM, Zandorum or other extended Doom engine. Below you can find an installation guide for gzDOOM.

  • Open file gzdoom-%username%.ini with text editor
  • Search in the this file [hexen.Autoload]
  • Write below this string:
  • Unzipped mod and add file hexen_esrgan.pk3 into root directory gzDOOM
  • Add file HEXEN.WAD into root directory gzDOOM
  • Run gzdoom.exe and select “Hexen: Beyond Heretic (HEXEN)”
  • Click “Play GZDoom” and enjoy

In order to showcase the visual improvements, the modder has also shared some comparison screenshots between the vanilla and the new AI-enhanced textures that you can find below.

Last but not least, those interested can download the Texture Pack from here.

Have fun!