Heroes Of Newerth Goes Free to Play

Heroes of Newerth is an action multiplayer role-playing game that was influenced by Warcraft 3’s DOTA. As with most DOTA games, players are split into two teams that start a match on opposite sides of a map. The map includes a number of paths leading from one side to the other. The object of the game is to take out the opposing team’s base with the help of auto-spawned grunts and defend your own base with the help of towers.
S2 Games, developer of Heroes of Newerth, announced today that their game will be free-to-play and that there will actually be three types of accounts. The first one is the free account. The other two are; the Verified and the Legacy accounts. A Verified account is basically an upgraded basic account, while the Legacy account is for those that have already purchased the game.
All existing players will be marked as Legacy accounts.  Legacy accounts will no longer be obtainable and will continue to enjoy free access to the general hero pool.  You will be able to play in Verified Only games, but can play in Basic games if you choose.  Legacy players will continue to receive all content for free, including heroes after the hero leaves Early Access.
Moreover, game modes SD, BD, AR, and BP will require that non-legacy accounts have a Token or Game Pass in order to enter the match. The token allows them to play as any hero in the pool for that game – if they pick a hero they don’t own, the token is spent. This means that you can depend on any of your teammates having access to that crucial counter-pick in these modes, and not have to worry about team strategy being limited by what heroes your teammates have unlocked.
Those interested in more details can visit the game’s official forum.