Heroes & Generals receives a new render engine, supports DirectX12 in experimental mode

Reto-Moto announced today that Heroes & Generals has received a new render engine providing significant performance improvements. Heroes & Generals is running on its own proprietary technology called Retox, and it now supports DX12 in experimental mode.

According to the press release, the ‘Engine Room’-update is the result of a complete rewrite of the render engine optimizing it for a modern dataflow by using advanced multi-threading techniques so it better utilizes multiple CPU-cores, improving game performance.

Henning Semler, Lead Render Programmer and co-founder of Reto-Moto, said:

“Our community has been very active and helpful in testing the new render on our prototype servers. We have seen a 20 percent framerate improvement on average, and 70 percent of the players that took part in latest test of the new render reported either a better or much better performance.”

Another reason that Heroes & Generals is seeing a general boost in performance is the decision to end support for DirectX 9 based graphics cards as the old technology in part served as a hindrance to game performance.

Heroes & Generals now supports mixed resolution rendering making it possible for players to keep the user interface at a higher resolution while playing with low resolution gameplay setting to further increase performance on low spec computers.

In addition to the improvements in performance, the ‘Engine Room’-update also introduces a new tone mapping system providing crisper and more saturated colors in the game. As well as Temporal Anti-Aliasing giving players a more stable image with less pixel flicker when in motion.

Regarding DX12, here is what Reto-Moto had to say:

“We have given you the option to try out a new DirectX 12 experimental setting. But as it is experimental it can yield very different results for individual players.”