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Here’s the real reason why Final Fantasy 16 is not on PC at launch

Final Fantasy XVI will release in a couple of days, exclusively on PS5. However, the game’s producer Yoshi-P has shared some details about its PC version. And yes, Final Fantasy 16 will be officially coming to PC at a later date.

In a recent livestream, Yoshi-P claimed that the development team wanted to make a PC version, but couldn’t create an experience with seamless loading in time for launch.

『FINAL FANTASY XVI』発売直前!情報総まとめスペシャル生放送

Yoshi-P has also previously stated that the PC version won’t come out in under six months, as the dev team wants to provide a polished PC version.

Now the real reason behind this PC delay is quite obvious. Basically, it’s a combination of the exclusivity deal with Sony, money, manpower and time.

First of all, it’s no secret that Sony has signed a deal with Square Enix for this FF game. In fact, Yoshi-P claimed that Sony’s engineers have helped the team during its development. Therefore, it’s understandable why Sony wants this game to be timed-exclusive on its platform. And yes, Yoshi-P would never admit something like that in a livestream. You can’t expect the man to completely destroy his entire career just to satisfy you.

Since Sony signed this deal with Square Enix, the dev team has focused all of its resources on the PS5 version. Once the console version is out, the team will shift focus to the PC version.

Now I know that some people may have misinterpreted Yoshi-P’s comments. His comments are more likely related to time constraints and not to the super-duper-wow power of PS5’s SSD. In short, I don’t believe he’s claiming that the PS5 SSD is the reason behind this PC delay. From the looks of it, the team can only focus on one platform. And that platform, right now, is the PS5.

In short, FF XVI is not on PC at launch because the devs do not have the manpower or time to develop both the PC and PS5 versions. And since Sony has signed a deal, they are simply focusing on PS5. And, that’s fine, provided the PC version is properly optimized when it comes out!